Mission Green Delhi (MGD) Celebrated its 10 Years Journey in a Green Talk Hosted by Mukamz Events

Would like to thank Mrigya Mukaam, Shashidhar Bhat, Pravin Mishra, Bhupesh Khatri, Prof. M M Pant, Ajit Kumar for celebrating 10 years of Mission Green Delhi Platform’s journey today at The Woods, Gurugram. Along with Celebration, Green Talk by MGD community members were eye openers. The event was organized and sponsored by Mukaamz Events.

If you are interested in hosting such Green Talks with www.missiongreendelhi.com, please get in touch with us.

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Puneet Verma,
Mission Green Delhi Crusader and Ideator,
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Hello Friends, my name is Puneet Verma and I am a passionate traveler, environment blogger, and nature lover. People call me a visual storyteller and influencer and God has given me an opportunity to initiate a beautiful community of environment enthusiasts at missiongreenindia.org and missiongreendelhi.com.

Reach out to me at 9910162399 for collaboration.
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