Swachh Bharat Challenges in Preet Vihar, East Delhi

Preet Vihar, the best location in terms of greenery in Delhi is boon for coming generations. Numerous parks and trees cover can be seen when you drop at Preet Vihar metro station on blue line and heads towards Preet Vihar red light. There are few things that are still matter of concern for its residents who usually  cross the Gagan Vihar red light, adjacent to DAV Public School. Due to lack of public toilets on that red light, people usually pee on DAV school wall and adjacent wall next to it on service lane.

Lack of monitoring systems on this Gagan Vihar/DAV School red light, helps locals to break traffic rules and contribute towards traffic jams on master plan road.

Lots of incidents happen where people totally ignore red light and cross it in aggression. Students from DAV School and Bal Mandir School overspeed using their scooters and promote aggressive teen driving which doesn’t seems concern for schools management and Parents until some road rage accidents happen.

School cab drivers can be seen in full aggression overspeeding their cars loaded with children.

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