Mobile Phone Vs Family

The statement nowadays i am hearing is “Mobile phone can be dangerous for your health”. Lets find out how ? The answer which we all know is “Radio waves”. Mobile phone is a receiver and transmitter of radio waves exchanged with mobile phone tower nearer to you. Now these radio waves produce dangerous effects on our body parts.
If you are not sleeping well nowadays, or while standing still, you are feeling as if your body is in motion, or you complaint of losing concentration sometimes, mobile phone could be the big reason. Losing details of task you were performing from memory, reduction in response time, headache, indigestion or suffering from cardiac arrest ? Do you know the biggest reason for all these problems ? No its not your mobile phone. Its your addiction for the device. Your job profile is not the reason, but your addiction is the reason. Don’t let mobile phone takeover traditional methods of communication. Try to communicate face-to-face as much as you can. Mobile is only approx 15 years old technology and cannot takeover our 30 years older relationships. Don’t let mobile phone replace your family members ie your wife, husband, kids and parents. Now what to do ? Everything good is difficult to implement. Keep your mobile phone away from your body. I mean you can use hands free, keep it away from ear. While sleeping keep it away… far away ….. switch it off ……. please for god sake. Its my humble request. Life is not too small to lose it for just small piece of radiations transmitter. Try to use SMS instead of calling. Try to be close to your family without using this piece of dangerous radiations emitter. Make use of this device called mobile only when it is required urgently and you are far distant away to connect to other person.  Nowadays people are making habit of using mobile phones to overcome their loneliness. They make themselves busy using mobile phones and hence generate  distance in relationships with family members. Chose Family or Mobile. Its up to you.


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