Losing Friends on Social Media ?

So finally your friendship ended with your long term friend due to little misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is something that is caused by shifting of trust due to some event or third party or third person. This can be easily understood by various situations. Like these days most of people loose trust on their friends just by watching their loved ones on social media. They interpret a person they know closely from childhood through an illusive lens of social media networking websites and internet and create a new negative perception about them which appears as jugglery effecting trust in human relationships. People start trusting software instead of human and forget that it is human being who created software and not software that is behind human. The best way to get your friends back is to avoid social networking websites till you completely understand their negative effects on your life. From one of my friend who is using facebook,  I found the following:

Problem of Friend: His/Her mind was trapped under the web of some text he/she read on internet or social networking website. This jugglery expanded with time.
Result: Internet or Software Won …. Two friends lost their friendship
Solution: Never trust the text written on internet. Just talk to sort out issues.

Problem of Friend: I’m tired of comments being randomly deleted.
Solution: This appears to be a known issue, but it also appears as though Facebook isn’t giving it high priority. To report this, go to:
Account > Help Center > Report a bug > Profile and Wall > Content on my Facebook profile disappears and reappears. Click on “here” to submit a bug report.

Problem of Friend: People have disappeared from my friend list even though I did not remove them, and they did not remove me.

Solution: Friend removals are not caused by a technical error on the site, as it is not possible for a friend to be removed without confirmation from one of the use…

1. This person removed you from their friend list, either intentionally or accidentally.
2. This person has deactivated their account, causing them to disappear from all friend list. If they choose to reactivate their account, they will reappear on these lists.


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