Where does Delhi get water from?

90 percent of water in Delhi comes from sources like the Ganges and Yamuna rivers which originate from the mountains of Uttarakhand state. The water of these rivers is filtered by ten water treatment plants in Delhi and is supplied to the houses of Delhiites by 120 reservoirs or reservoirs. Water samples from the water treatment plant are then tested against the standards of the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Today it is important to understand the lack of clean drinking water in Delhi and it is important for the people of Delhi to be aware of the water wastage. If we continue to waste groundwater in this way and do not understand the value of water coming from rivers, then soon one will have to yearn for each drop of water.

So let’s join those who are doing the work of transporting wastewater into the earth with the help of new technology & methods. Let’s support those who are bringing new ideas of water conservation and groundwater recharge into practice. Mission Green Mumbai NGO and Center for Science and Environment(CSE) have been very active in helping schools in executing water conservation and groundwater recharge systems.

While the government is planning several water treatment plants to filter the clean water, citizens also have to take initiatives to conserve water in our homes and in our society and colony. Preserving life sources trees and the life sources of trees, water, has become another goal of Mission Green Delhi Community today.

Come and join the Mission Green Delhi Community Platform and talk about the problems related to water, and talk about what we can do as a citizen and how we can connect with the government.

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