Gambling in Decision Making

Gambling in decision making is just like one of the bad games of life and if you are really interested in playing game of life then initiate or accept this game keeping in mind the consequences and outcomes. In Mahabharata, pandavas played a game of ludo (Gamble) with kaurvas and lost their respect, bought disgrace to Draupadi(Women)  and kingdom. So before playing any big game with somebody, one must be aware of results.Never try to be a part of a game where you do not have expertise in. And if you are playing in a war, then its women and generations that lose on both sides. So its good to keep in mind good and bad results of war, before playing it. Man has no right to make his family and generations suffer due to decisions he make in his life. If you are indulging yourself in a game of life, fist of all keep your family in a protected
mode where they should not get effected by your decision. Never play a game in which Draupadi(Women) and family are humiliated. Never play a war where Draupadi(Women) have to lose her kids. Whole game was played by males but see the generosity of Draupadi,  she forgiven everybody and followed righteousness. And god will never be helping you in this game rather he will help Draupadi who was Green Human and a symbol of righteousness.

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