I was Designed to Accept and Give

I was designed to accept and give. I am collection of hardware. For example i have important parts like heart and brain that are responsible for my life. Now my heart is like a power generator that is accepting fuel and distributing energy to all other parts of this body. My heart consumes oxygen from environment and then distributes it to my arms, hands, legs and brain. If my heart stops accepting oxygen, i would not exist. If it stops giving energy, i would not exist. If my nose restricts supply of oxygen, i would not exist. If trees stop supply of oxygen i would not exist, and they would not exist. I am working because the universe inside by body is accepting and giving. My existence is in accepting and giving. I was designed to accept and give.

Its understandable that my survival depends on accepting and giving. If in my daily life, my acceptance and distribution processes are not fine tuned or one of them is not working, than there is question mark on my existence. Sun never keeps gold with him and distributes it to us in the form of sunshine, River never drinks water and give it to us, trees never keep oxygen with them and give it to us. Everybody is giving in this world, so why can’t we ? My question is what to give? There is a person who never seen smile for months and was desperately missing it, i can give smile to him/her. When to Give? Now if am planning to give after 2 days, then i am questioning death. So the right time to give is now only. Whom to give ? Trees give oxygen to us because we need it and accept it. How to give ? We don’t need decoration and marketing for giving. Trees never market when they give us something, they just give us and we just accept it without question. Now how much to give? Trees never measure oxygen level, just give us. So give as much as you can. How much i keep with myself? Warren Buffett said “Leave your kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do nothing!” and there is a saying from saint Kabeer “When the wealth in the house increases, when water fills a boat, throw them out with both hands “. How would i feel after giving? So, give and never regret after giving. Trees never regret after giving and see they are greener, they are prosperous. Trees are cooperative towards passengers and travellers, give them shelter for sometime and still not bonded to them.   If you feel happy in staying away from me, then i would be more happy because i was designed to accept and give.

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Puneet Verma is environmental blogger & Mission Green Delhi(MGD) crusader. MGD digital platform has been supported by 400+ environmentalists from Delhi & other parts of India.

Puneet is Acumen & Ideo.org certified Human-Centered Design professional and techie who has vast experience in managing online portfolio of big corporate brands.

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