The Art of Producing Gems

People are looking like islands who spend their daily life in shouting at other islands in a sea of misunderstanding as per George Eliot .  India is a place where all these islands are united to form a country with no sea of misunderstanding between them. Good words and smile are like gems, if we keep on distributing them on daily basis, people will keep them in their heart safely. They might not get time to see these gems in their busy life but a day will come when they will pick out these gems from heart, watch it and then feel peaceful and happy about the person who distributed it. These gems  are just like seeds which fall from trees. More they fall from trees, more trees they will produce and ultimately more seeds. So if we want to produce more gems in our heart, then we need distribution process. No matter where we are, its our duty to produce these gems in our communication to become supportive towards the person standing in front of us. And india is a place where you will find such gems in each and every heart.

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Puneet Verma
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