Popular Street Cuisines of Delhi

नागपाल के छोले भठूरे, लाजपत नगर
रिवोली के सामने, ग्राम शिल्प के उलटे हाथ में कड़ी चावल वाला
लक्ष्मी नगर मेट्रो स्टेशन के सामने चावला
अल बाइक एन ऍफ़ सी
राजेंदर का ढाबा
परमिंदर की मच्छी
रिंग रोड के पास किदवई नगर में पकोड़े वाला
चाचे दी हटी , कमला नगर
लक्ष्मी नगर के गोल गप्पे, मेट्रो स्टेशन के पास
राम नीट पुलाव, सी पी में
नटराज चाट वाला
मूल चंद के परांठे
सिंधिया हाउस सी पी के छोले कुलचे
सरोजिनी नगर का खानदानी पकोड़े वाला
परांठे वाली गली चांदनी चौक
निरुला की आइस क्रीम और शेक
करीम के कबाब , राजौरी गार्डेन
राधे श्याम के छोले भठूरे, नयी दिल्ली रेलवे स्टेशन
यु पी एम् सी की आलू चाट
चिताम्बरम लाल कुआटर में
रवि की कुल्फी करोल बैग में
खान चाचा
भारत नगर के भले पापड़ी
लक्ष्मी नगर बस स्टैंड के पास गणेश की कचोरी
पटेल नगर के तंदूरी मोमोस
पंचकुइया रोड के समोसे छोले और कुल्लर वाले गुलाब जामुन
यु पी एस इ की चाट
कवेंटर का मिल्क शेक
सैनी के समोसे आई टी ओ
ओडीयन के गोल गप्पे, गोल मार्केट
प्रेम ढाबे का चिक्केन , करोल बाग़
चोव्रंगी के रोल, सत्य निकेतन
बिटू टिकी वाला, जनक पूरी
बलजीत के नान, मीरा बाग़
काके डा होटल सी पी
ओडीयन का पान
सरदार जी का ढाबा, शंकर मार्केट सी पी
कास्टेल नाइन का मिल्क शेक सी पि
सिवाजी स्टडइम के राजमाँ चावल
स्टैंडरड पंजाबी वाले के राजमा चावल
चांदनी चौक का जलेबी वाला
खस्ता कचोरी, शेख सराई
राजोरी की दाल मोठ कचोरी
करोल बाग़ का चिकेन रोल
आर्ट ऑफ़ स्पेसेस, करोल बाग़
दरिया गंज का चिक्केन चंगेजी
पालम में मुकेश के अंडे
अल्बेक का श्वार्मा रोल एन ऍफ़ सी
ग्यानी का मिल्क शेक और फलूदा फ़तेह पूरी
वैष्णो चाट भण्डार, कमला नगर
दी यु के छोले भठूरे
नटराज के छोले पूरी
इंडिया गेट की चुस्की
नोर्थ काम्पुस की भेल पूरी
दी पौल्ज़ काफी अत जनपथ
चाचा छोले भठूरे कमला नगर
कश्यप के पकोड़े, कमला नगर
सेव पूरी, दी यु
बंगाली मार्केट के गोल गप्पे
सेंट्रल मार्केट के मोमोस
बुन्ग्लोव रोड के एग रोल
बिल्ले हलवाई की लस्सी , कमला नगर
बाम्बे भेल कमला नगर
गुज्जर्स के  ढोकले, कमला नगर
सेठी बेकरी का सैंडविच , कोलह पुर रोड
आनंद की बिरयानी , सी पि
छोटू राम का रबरी फलूदा , करोल बाग
दरियागंज में जाईका , गोलचा के पास
लोटन के छोले, पहारगंज
पंडारा रोड के सिज्ज्लेर
वेंजेर्स का केक, सी पि

Best Points in Preet Vihar

Preet Vihar is my favorite place in Delhi due to the green initiatives taken by people living here. In addition to lot of greenery you will find easy, reaching Cinema Halls known as “Fun Cinemas” and shopping places like “V3S Mall”. In a range of 3-4 kms you will find a popular Shiv Mandir, Sai Mandir just a 3-4 minutes distance from Preet Vihar Metro Station. You will find big IT & Computers market in Laxmi Nagar, which is less than a km from Preet Vihar Metro Station. And just within 3-4 kms of distance you will find best hospitals like “Dr.Hedgewar Hospital” in front of Karkarduma court. Big parks like Madhuban and Defence Enclave are available for morning and evening walks.24×7 Fresh and Cheap Vegetables market is available at Khureji at 15 minutes distance. The area is fully connected through metro with large number of restaurants like Karims, Chawlas, Narulas,  Nazirs and lots more. Ice Cream Parlors like “Classics” near Bal Mandir Public School is favourite place for youth of east delhi for hangout. Best schools like DAV School, Lovely Public School, Bal Mandir Public school are situated withing few kms. Fast Medical Tests Services are provided by Dr. Path Labs Center near Preet Vihar petrol pump. And there are awesome Patanjali Centers available here for herbal medicines and products to stay fit and healthier. Best vegetarian restaurants like “Lazeez’s” are available providing best veg food and free home delivery. Lot of Professional Institutes like Network Nuts are available for students and employees who want to do some extra certifications along with their job or business. Delhi’s best cloths market is available in Gandhi Nagar, which is just a on-feet distance of 15-20 minutes. Krishna Nagar market is also known as a best Shopping and Hangout places near Preet Vihar.

Secret Revealed in Delhi Garden

Woke up at 5 am, went to my city garden like everyday. Ran on the green track and then grew tired and sat under a tree. Started watching the herd of birds. Their melodious voice and the cool breeze of beautiful morning in Delhi, made me felt, impressions of the feet of god and I became humble, sincere and honest like him. Supreme power in the garden, this morning appeared in such a way to his followers that all people, animals and birds tend to be saying goodbye to their daily anxiety, pain and complications. But there are few lucky people who can feel this big divine power and celebrate their full day like a festival. I enjoyed supreme power’s blessings for first time ever in Delhi which I never felt in any other garden. But  this was a great place where i felt as if the greatest power came to meet me and solved each and every persons domestic and professional problems. A seduction grewed up in my mind because today I felt like mother Ganga, the Triveni of knowledge and wisdom has started flowing in my physical and spritual body. I felt like a thirsty traveler, who found a pitcher of cold water in a hot desert. With such a lovely weather, I jumped into a sea of knowledge and was going deeper and deeper. On my way to depth, I saw various beautiful and shining objects lying and floating around me. Fishes were throwing divine light on my eyes and I was feeling like one of them. Suddenly I heard voice of Lord Rama asking this divine sea to give him a way. But divine sea refused. Lord Rama stayed and meditated. Me as a fish was impressed by his humbleness, morality and sincereity. And after meditation when sea still refused, then Lord Rama got angry and picked up his bow and arrow. And suddenly, sea god allowed him a way. I loved the way Lord Rama dealed with divine sea. I came back to my consciousness and back in garden with supreme power. I talked to him about the altruistic people in Delhi who are engaged in lot of social works. And while doing social work for childen, poor people, elders and handicapped, what would happen if something unpleasant happens in their NGO or organization ?  What I meant was a story of a king who was offering cows to brahmans in the form social work. But one day a cow from a rich brahman ran away and entered the herd of cows, which king was offering to brahmanas. By mistake he offered rich brahmans cow to poor brahman. And when rich brahman saw his cow at the house of poor brahman, he questioned king ? He wanted his cow back and poor brahman refused to offer it back as it was daan from king to him. King was confused. So offered more number of cows to both but both of them refused and went away leaving that cow. After death king became lizard due to this mis management. Now Lord Krishna told me that as king accepted his punishment and born as a lizard, when he met him in a well of a village, he was offered liberation due to social work he has performed and most importantly acceptance of his mis management. And by saying above words, big power got dissappeared and I came back to home and now shared my story with you.

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