How My Environment Portal Reached 25000 Visits Per Month

How My Environment Portal Reached 25000 Visits Per Month

Today when i see above dashboard on my powerful environment blog, it feels fantastic. Though the number is not that big but it reveals efforts i’ve put in so far to build a brand Mission Green Delhi, which is self explanatory. These digital analytics reports are always helpful in measuring outcome & impact of our efforts in the area of international development. There is no reward better than these graphs and figures. But this result didn’t came out that quickly, it took me 8 years to bring these 9000+ visitors on Mission Green Delhi platform and build this niche.

It was not an easy job to bring people closer to something which is not at all interesting in a vanity fair. Yes, there are very few people  who love to talk about environment protection, air pollution & growing heat. Those who contemplate, are not inevitably acting upon it. Ultimately  my goal has been to bring together those, who’ve passion for environment protection & who are elegantly fighting the war of global warming. Yes, this has become possible to some extent, it feels great when i see Mission Green Delhi team helping & meeting each other for this great cause.

Let’s see what made people to peek on Mission Green Delhi blog in all these years –

  1. Thirst for Environment Protection – It is a well known saying that one who is thirsty needs to go to the well and draw water. But what happens when thirst for water end up with hot dry desert. I experienced same when i was wandering around for environmental knowledge bank & sources which can guide me on this path. Being myself afflicted to this situation, i felt a need for localized knowledge sharing platform which inspired me to launch this so called well of  information to quench the thirst of desert traveler.
  2. Jumping in Pond of Togetherness – We live in a family and love them for whatever they are. There is another family which is offered by nature to us. The members of this family are plants & trees who always listen to us without being haughty, imperious & irritable like human beings. All those who are friends with nature have desire to swim together and talk about beautiful species of nature. Mission Green Delhi has become divine pond wherein all these nature lovers can swim together and learn about their dearest friends ie plants and trees. There are 240+ members who discuss methods to sustain environment and feel real peace in doing so.
  3. Participation in Outer World – If we are complacent, there is no need to tell people about your work. But this platform was to help people, so i decided to  inform people about this knowledge portal so that they can leverage it for boosting their green businesses. I started by spreading word through whatsapp groups, Linkedin Groups, Facebook Community, guest blogging to bring inbound traffic to this common platform.
  4. Creating Interest & Engagement – I’m passionate traveler and love to wander across country. I started a Youtube channel “Life with Webmaster” and talked about this platform in my videos. My channel hosts 500+ videos which enable my audience to know me and my passions. This was also a great way to engage with my audience as author and offer them something different on my blog. So i not only stick with environment protection, i travel too.
  5. Reach on Mobile – I developed mobile app for Mission Green Delhi website, which informs users about ongoing environment events and campaigns. This gave them freedom to share their news stories and posts directly from android mobile application. The app is easily available on google play store.


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