Centralized Community Platform for Decentralized Local Communities

Too much exposure to air pollution affects our health and immunity, making us susceptible to infections and diseases. Severely affects the vulnerable group of people including children, pregnant women, and the elderly raising their risk of getting COVID-19.

Air pollution might cause a rapid increase in the death rate due to COVID-19. And, that is why there is an urgent need for cleaner air which we can get from plants and trees.

There is a need for a centralized online community platform to run decentralized local communities of people who collaboratively work for a common goal, which is environmental sustainability.

Here comes the solution which is running as a pilot experiment to evaluate the platform feasibility, time, cost, risk, and performance.

104 users have chosen MGD Community Platform so far to collaborate and learn. I welcome you to experience MGD platform and share your valuable inputs.

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Hello Friends, my name is Puneet Verma and I am a passionate traveler, environment blogger, and nature lover. People call me a visual storyteller and influencer and God has given me an opportunity to initiate a beautiful community of environment enthusiasts at missiongreenindia.org and missiongreendelhi.com.

Reach out to me at 9910162399 for collaboration.

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