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How to get respite from the scorching summers of Delhi. Delhi is warming & bursting with seams and we have to do something about it. Air Quality Index has shown signs of moving beyond our control and there is no way to save our body and soul. There is need to help people who are trapped and tied up in false belief of Elitism and release them out. And this is not possible without your support as you seems to be responsible citizen of Delhi. We have to come together and involve everyone to bring this change around us.


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Puneet Verma is a passionate traveler, environment blogger, techie and nature lover. He owns a beautiful community of 400+ environment enthusiasts at Join MGD's #Delhikabagh latest environment awareness campaign and tag @missiongreendelhi and #Delhikabagh on Facebook and Instagram with your environment friendly posts.

Reach out to Puneet @9910162399 for collaboration for making Delhi green and clean.

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