Mission Green Burari, Vriksh Mitra Parivaar in North Delhi

Friends, We are a group of people working on Plantation / Waste and Garbage Management in Delhi area & things we do includes adoption of plants. We are also organizing road side / locality wise events to educate people about garbage management by time to time.

We started this activity just an year before when I started conservation of birds 🦅 in my location. Me & my friend Mr Ravindra Tyagi both started this in 2016. We each morning walk every day and carry 5 liter of water & grains, pulses, some local fruits like Guavas in a small bag. We choose 2 trees every day and fix plastic mug on little height and fill water. Also place some grains for birds & pieces of fruits for squirrels which are found often there. Soon we started getting attention of other gentlemen who also took part in this with us happily. We discussed among and start plantation as in our area as you people might know Kikar tress are in large quantity, which are not bird attraction. In 2017 we decided to grow more trees 🌳 like Jamun, Pilkhan, Peepal, Bad etc which can attract local birds to make their shelters. Now till date in last 1 year, we have planted more than 250 trees in which around 230 got lives. Might be our numbers are less but we do plantation & adaptation as we don’t have any number target, we slowly make it more effective with protection of other trees which are planted by others. By February we are donating free 🌷 flower & vegetable plants to near by residents to make them part of green living. As till June Tree plantation 🌳 is not good. We also visit schools and demonstrate students about environmental issues, invite them to protect plants & nature. Lot of things we have in plan like empowering local people through terrace gardening etc. We are also visit Yamuna bank to clean hazardous stuff during festivals when people comes with idols & other.

Vishnu Mohan, Vriksh Mitra Parivaar


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A responsible citizen of Delhi who wants to contribute towards environmental sustainability and fight global emissions. A change agent who invites you to collaborate, learn and adapt through real actions.

I am available at missiongreendelhi@gmail.com or on Whatsapp group. Please send whatsapp message to my team at 9910162399 to join Mission Green Delhi group.

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