My silence is awesome, which speaks so loud

My silence is awesome, which speaks so loud
Brings this world together
With honour and proud
Brings the happiness, and trust
To those stucked with, sorrow and lust
Together at MGD, we make an ecosystem
Which brings to us, health and wisdom
With greenery around, bringing impact profound
We walk together, on similar ground
Green talks we do, to balance the nature
Pleading for justice, for every creature
Mission Green Delhi, speaks for me
My inner green soul, peeks for me
Peeks for ideas, and for minds
Who thinks for nature, in world of blinds
If u reach this line, without pain in spine
Start purification of soul, in MGD shrine

Puneet Verma
Mission Green Delhi (MGD) Community
Whatsapp +919910162399 to join.

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Hello Friends, my name is Puneet Verma and I am a passionate traveler, environment blogger, and nature lover. People call me a visual storyteller and influencer and God has given me an opportunity to initiate a beautiful community of environment enthusiasts at and

Reach out to me at 9910162399 for collaboration.
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