Where to go for organ donation ?

Where to go for organ donation ?

This is short but informative discussion on organ donation we would like share:

Question by person A: Want to donate organs after death, can anyone suggest where to go for organ donation? What is the procedure?

Answer by person B: You need to visit any of the govt. hospital and fill the form. They will issue you a card.

Response by C: Even if you fill the forms you need to keep your family informed about it. They are the ones doctors take permission from in the end, even if you are an official donor. If they deny doctors won’t be able to retrieve organs.

Response by A: Yes…definitely..

Response by D: Actually Patients are not allowed to put organ donation messages…organ donation needs government permission. There’s a long queue for organs and patients cannot donate even to relatives like uncles and aunts.

Response by E: NOTO takes the organs and gives them to the ones who need them immediately. There’s a long waiting list. People can’t donate to each other even if they wish. It’s govt controlled.

Finally this beautiful video was shared:

What a beautiful way to convey, Organ Donation Message!

Donate Life

“Kuch Insaan aur jee jaaeein, Apnaa yuin khayaal rakhna
Katl Gar Karnaa Ho, To Jaraa Dekh Ke Karnaa
Yeh Mitti kisi ke kaam aaa
jaaey, Koi Gulaab Phir Khil Jaaey

Jeena, to kuch aisaa jeena, Marnaa to kuch aisee marnaa
Katl Gar Karnaa Ho, To Jaraa Dekh Ke Karnaa”

“Some beings shall get a life, take care of urself  in such a way
If really want to kill, Kill me in such a way
My body should be used , some roses may get a life
If really want to kill, Kill me in such a way”

Inspiring lines which motivates us to take care of ourselves in such a way that our body should remain fresh and healthy to serve humanity in a better way.  Our duty should be to serve humanity during our life span and serve life during our death. Keep your body in such a way, in such a healthy condition that it can give life to 100 good people even after its death.

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