Why team leaders are so bad ?

Do you know why team leaders are so bad ? There is a reason … They form you, and then they brainstorm you, norm you and then make perform you. Our real life team leader is our father. We might hate them sometimes but everything they do is to make us perform and make us live life like a complete man and woman. As i am spending my professional life with military gentlemen these days, now i have understood why fathers look like a military officer. So now i would just request you to forgive your team leaders, managers and directors and accept their brainstorm sessions like sweet fruits and adjust your behavior according to the situation and not responding in an aggressive way. I feel team leaders are like anti-virus and every time our mind is infected with some virus or issues, its their duty to run full system scan on us with recommended updates. Updating and scanning minds of subordinates will enable their systems to work faster and will avoid problems like low virtual memory and strange behavior. The eye of a team leader is just like lens and he/she sees us as 4 type of toys …. lolz …. Lets share it  … He will talk to us and will get an idea for our source of motivation ….. We are just like a toy with a slip tagged on our T-Shirt with a message “Please understand me”. And whenever team leaders sees this slip, they try to access our processor to know our source of motivation. Actually we describe it to them when they ask us few questions.. We describe them that we are introvert and nobody in this world except us,  can lead us. As an introvert we tell them clearly that we only follow our inner self and perform best when we are working without team. Or we can also tell them that we are an extrovert who can do anything with people, collaboration and teamwork. As an extrovert, I am the best and people always hear us because we are extrovert. So finally we give them access to our shell and tell them if we are an introvert or an extrovert.  Then second step they do is understand how we access information they are are sending to us. If I am sensing personality, I will use my senses to access his words and want to see everything practically. But if I am intuitive, then I will only visualize patterns of what he is saying and what problem or issue he is discussing. I will never want to see it practically happening like a sensing personality. So now team leader knows if  I am a sensing personality and believes in what is practically shown and delivered. After he knows my way of hearing him, he is curious to know how I process accepted information using my processor. He wants to know my feedback and decision on what he has communicated. They want to know if  mine processor is “T” type or “F” type …. Now what does that mean? T=Thinking and F=Feeling. If I respond to him with a feeling of love and care, using personal values and input of others, he will come to know that we are tactful and emotional in decision making. And if I respond with logical analysis of facts without using emotions, then they will come to know that I am a thinker and  analyst. At last they want to know how do I live my life? Am I a judging personality or perceiving dude … I have plan for everything and I have organized everything to make my decision making easier, then he will consider me as a judging personality who wants and have need to control everything. But if I am flexible and spontaneous and want to see life how it is without organization, team leader will consider me as a Perceiving personality. So finally he knows who we are and where to place us in his organization …….huh




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