Before You Buy Vermicompost

Before You Buy Vermicompost

Treatment of organic waste is need of an hour and it’s high time to start it at our domestic settings and stop flowing it into the garbage dumpsite or landfill.

At Mission Green Delhi community platform, our 400+ community members have got the chance to learn manufacturing of Vermicompost from our experts like Pravin Mishra who have been doing terrace gardening and composting workshops at various parts of Delhi. Vermicompost can boost our efforts put for small scale sustainable, organic farming.

Vermicompost is used as nutrient-rich manure, organic fertilizer, and soil conditioner. It is produced by decomposing vegetable organic waste or food waste along with bedding material to get simpler organic compounds using various microorganisms like earthworms or red worms.

Please ensure you are aware of below things before buying Vermicompost for your terrace garden:

  1. Vermi compost should not be adulterated with river sand or red soil, coco peat to gain product weight. The compost should be pure which should not cause root rotting and fungal growth in plants. Customer needs to ensure if it should not be only potting mix while making a purchase.
  2. It’s better to check with the local nursery instead of ordering it online. Local nurseries could provide it around Rs.35 per kg. If you want to order in online please check the reviews and refund policy in case the product is adulterated.
  3. Please ensure the supplier should have packed the product properly and wet mud or stones shouldn’t be added to gain weight.
  4. The product shouldn’t smell like cow dung
  5. It’s important to check the delivered compost and take an expert advise before putting it on all garden plants. The snails or worms present in the compost could impact your plants in negative manner.
  6. If are new to Vermi compost, it’s important to understand the difference between vermi, soil, sand and compost.

If you are interested in organizing Vermi Composting & Terrace Gardening workshop at your home or any other location, please Whatsapp us at +919910162399 or visit It’s better to understand the process with a domain expert before putting money into some composting product online.   

Mission Green Delhi Community got featured on Democracy News Live

Mission Green Delhi Community got featured on Democracy News Live

Pleased to announce that MGD Community members got featured in a panel discussion on Democracy News Live on 14th December 2020 along with an eminent host, anchor, journalist, speaker, and chief editor of Democracy News Live, Mr. Rohit Gandhi. The agenda of this panel discussion had been to unveil the ground reality of the environmental impact of a surgical mask, which is now being used by everyone around the globe to control the COVID19 Coronavirus transmission.

MGD community members who got featured were Gig Economy practitioner Shashidhar Bhat and Hepatologist, Digestive Diseases, and Liver transplant Medicine Specialist Dr.Rakesh Kumar Jagdish. Environmental law expert Keith Varghese was also a member of the panel discussion. Experts shared their thoughts and perspective on best practices people should follow to dispose of biomedical waste generated in their homes. The panel discussion also emphasized community awareness and the role of citizens and government in educating people efficiently.

Special thanks to Krishangi Sinha, Producer Democracy News Live and the team for coordinating this panel discussion.

Wet waste management workshop by Ranju Minhas

Wet waste management workshop by Ranju Minhas

Wet waste management workshop was organized on 29 Nov 2020 at Darshan Ashram by Ranju Minhas, an educationist and environmental crusader working towards conservation of natural resources since 2005. She founded Shield citizen’s initiative in 2010. The society won the WWF Earth hour award.

She founded “WoW Delhi” for financial empowerment of women in 2012.

In 2016 she started the “Harit Kachra Kranti” movement to raise awareness on the issue of waste generation in cities. She worked on finding solutions to manage green waste at the household level itself. In 2018 she innovated a “ranjucompostbin” a household cost-effective and easy to operate the composting device. Mrs. Minhas is a dynamic women entrepreneur, having launched the “PURE WASH” venture (Handmade herbal Soaps) to check water pollution at the household level. Currently, she conducts “Regenerative lifestyle” workshops in communities.

For gardening and composting requirement, neat and clean cocopeat bricks call Ashish Singh from Harit Kachra Kranti movement @ 9810883117.

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