Wet waste management workshop by Ranju Minhas

Wet waste management workshop was organized on 29 Nov 2020 at Darshan Ashram by Ranju Minhas, an educationist and environmental crusader working towards conservation of natural resources since 2005. She founded Shield citizen’s initiative in 2010. The society won the WWF Earth hour award.

She founded “WoW Delhi” for financial empowerment of women in 2012.

In 2016 she started the “Harit Kachra Kranti” movement to raise awareness on the issue of waste generation in cities. She worked on finding solutions to manage green waste at the household level itself. In 2018 she innovated a “ranjucompostbin” a household cost-effective and easy to operate the composting device. Mrs. Minhas is a dynamic women entrepreneur, having launched the “PURE WASH” venture (Handmade herbal Soaps) to check water pollution at the household level. Currently, she conducts “Regenerative lifestyle” workshops in communities.

For gardening and composting requirement, neat and clean cocopeat bricks call Ashish Singh from Harit Kachra Kranti movement @ 9810883117.

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